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What Drug Date Where Additional
School Shooting Prozac WITHDRAWAL 2008-02-15 Illinois ** 6 Dead: 15 Wounded: Perpetrator Was in Withdrawal from Med & Acting Erratically
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 2005-03-24 Minnesota **10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage
School Shooting Paxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant 2001-03-10 Pennsylvania **14 Year Old GIRL Shoots & Wounds Classmate at Catholic School
School Shooting Med For Depression 2010-02-10 Alabama **14 Year Old Shoots & Kills Another Boy at School During Change of Classes
School Shooting Zoloft Antidepressant 1995-10-12 South Carolina **15 Year Old Shoots Two Teachers, Killing One: Then Kills Himself
School Shooting Med For Depression 2009-03-13 Germany **16 Dead Including Shooter: Antidepressant Use: Shooter in Treatment For Depression
School Shooting Plot Med For Depression WITHDRAWAL 2008-08-28 Texas **18 Year Old Plots a Columbine School Attack
School Shooting Anafranil Antidepressant 1988-05-20 Illinois **29 Year Old WOMAN Kills One Child: Wounds Five: Kills Self
School Shooting Luvox/Zoloft Antidepressants 1999-04-20 Colorado **COLUMBINE: 15 Dead: 24 Wounded
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 1998-05-21 Oregon **Four Dead: Twenty Injured
School Shooting Antidepressant 2006-09-30 Colorado **Man Assaults Girls: Kills One & Self
School Machete Attack Med for Depression 2001-09-26 Pennsylvania **Man Attacks 11 Children & 3 Teachers at Elementary School
School Shooting Related Luvox 1993-07-23 Florida **Man Commits Murder During Clinical Trial for Luvox: Same Drug as in COLUMBINE: Never Reported
School Hostage Situation Cymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2009-11-09 New York **Man With Gun Inside School Holds Principal Hostage
School Shooting Antidepressants 1992-09-20 Texas **Man, Angry Over Daughter’s Report Card, Shoots 14 Rounds inside Elementary School
School Shooting SSRI 2010-02-19 Finland **On Sept. 23, 2008 a Finnish Student Shot & Killed 9 Students Before Killing Himself
School Shooting Threat Med for Depression* 2004-10-19 New Jersey **Over-Medicated Teen Brings Loaded Handguns to School
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2007-04-18 Virginia **Possible SSRI Use: 33 Dead at Virginia Tech
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2002-01-17 Virginia **Possible SSRI Withdrawal Mania: 3 Dead at Law School
School Incident/Bizarre Zoloft* 2010-08-22 Australia **School Counselor Exhibits Bizarre Behavior: Became Manic On Zoloft
School/Assault Antidepressant 2009-11-04 California **School Custodian Assaults Student & Principal: Had Manic Reaction From Depression Med
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 1992-01-30 Michigan **School Teacher Shoots & Kills His Superintendent at School
School Shooting Threats Celexa Antidepressant 2010-01-25 Virginia **Senior in High School Theatens to Kill 4 Classmates: Facebook Involved: Bail Denied
School Violence/Murder Antidepressants* 1998-05-04 New York **Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots his Wife in an Elementary School
School Knifing/Murder Meds For Depression & ADHD 2010-04-28 Massachusetts **Sixteen Year Old Kills 15 Year Old in High School Bathroom in Sept. 2009
School Stabbing Wellbutrin 2006-12-04 Indiana **Stabbing by 17 Year Old At High School: Charged with Attempted Murder
School Threat Antidepressants 2007-04-23 Mississippi **Student Arrested for Making School Threat Over Internet
School Suspension Lexapro Antidepressant 2007-07-28 Arkansas **Student Has 11 Incidents with Police During his 16 Months on Lexapro
School Shooting Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2007-11-07 Finland **Student Kills 8: Wounds 10: Kills Self: High School in Finland
School Shooting Paxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant 2004-02-09 New York **Student Shoots Teacher in Leg at School
School Threat Prozac Antidepressant 2008-01-25 Washington **Student Takes Loaded Shotgun & 3 Rifles to School Parking Lot: Plans Suicide
School Shooting Plot Med For Depression 1998-12-01 Wisconsin **Teen Accused of Plotting to Gun Down Students at School
School/Assault Zoloft Antidepressant 2006-02-15 Tennessee **Teen Attacks Teacher at School
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 1999-04-16 Idaho **Teen Fires Gun in School
School Hostage Situation Paxil & Effexor Antidepressants 2001-04-15 Washington **Teen Holds Classmates Hostage with a Gun
School Hostage Situation Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2006-11-28 North Carolina **Teen Holds Teacher & Student Hostage with Gun
School Knife Attack Med for Depression 2006-12-06 Indiana **Teen Knife Attacks Fellow Student
School Shooting Celexa & Effexor Antidepressants 2001-04-19 California **Teen Shoots at Classmates in School
School Shooting Celexa Antidepressant 2006-08-30 North Carolina **Teen Shoots at Two Students: Kills his Father: Celexa Found Among his Personal Effects
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 2003-05-31 Michigan **Teen Threatens School Shooting: Charge is Terrorism
School Stand-Off Zoloft Antidepressant 1998-04-13 Idaho **Teen [14 Years Old] in School Holds Police At Bay: Fires Shots
School Shooting Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2007-10-12 Ohio **Teen [14 Years Old] School Shooter Possibly on Antidepressants or In Withdrawal
School Threat Antidepressants 2008-03-20 Indiana **Teen [16 Years Old] Brings Gun to School: There Is a Lockdown
School Suicide/Lockdown Med For Depression 2008-02-20 Idaho **Teen [16 Years Old] Kills Self at High School: Lockdown by Police
School Threats Prozac Antidepressant 1999-10-19 Florida **Teen [16 Years Old] Threatens Classmates With Knife & Fake Explosives
School Stabbing Med For Depression 2008-02-29 Texas **Teen [17 Year Old GIRL] Stabs Friend & Principal at High School
School Hostage Situation Prozac/ Paxil Antidepressants 2001-01-18 California **Teen [17 Years Old] Takes Girl Hostage at School: He is Killed by Police
School Knife Attack Treatment For Depression & Strattera 2009-03-10 Belgium **Three Dead in School Day Care: Two Children & a Caregiver: Happened Jan 23, 2009
School Shooting Plot Antidepressants 2009-09-22 England **Two English School Boys Plot to Blow Up High School
School Arson Incidents Paxil 2002-04-12 Michigan **Unusual Personality Change on Paxil Caused 15 Year Old to Set Fires inside High School
School Bomb Threat Med For Depression 2009-06-29 Australia **Vexed Father Makes Bomb Threat Against Elementary School
School Violence Antidepressant 2005-11-19 Arizona **Violent 8 Year Old GIRL Handcuffed by Police at School
School Violence Celexa Antidepressant 2002-01-23 Florida **Violent 8 Year-Old Boy Arrested At School
School Threat/Lockdown Lexapro* 2008-04-18 California **Violent High School Student Shot to Death on Campus by Police
School / Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2008-02-27 Canada **Wacky School Bus Driver Goes Berserk: Also Involved Painkillers
School Violence Paxil 2004-10-23 Washington DC **Young Boy, 10 Year Old, Has Violent Incidents at School
School Threat Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2007-04-24 Tennessee **Young Boy, 12, Threatens to Shoot Others at School
School Hostage Situation Med for Depression 2006-03-09 France **Young Ex-Teacher Holds 21 Students Hostage
School Shooting/Suicide Celexa 2002-10-07 Texas **Young Girl [13 Years Old] Kills Self at School With a Gun
School Hostage Situation Paxil 2001-10-12 North Carolina **Young Man Holds Three People Hostage in Duke University President’s Office
School Murder Attempt Med For Depression 1995-03-04 California **Young Woman Deliberately Hits 3 Kids with Her Car at Elementary School: Laughed During Attack
Murder Attempt Wellbutrin* 2006-02-12 Washington *82 Year Old Man Found Not Guilty: Med Defense
DUI Paxil 2003-02-15 Virginia *Defendant Acquitted of DUI Because of Involuntary Intoxication Caused by Paxil
Air Rage Paxil* [Seroxat] 2006-01-25 England *Diplomat Cleared of Drinking Charges: Drug Blamed
Murder-Suicide Celexa SSRI Antidepressant* 2010-04-22 Ireland *Jury Finds Celexa Cause of Murder-Suicide: Two Physicians Testify: Foundation Demands Action
Murder-Suicide Paxil* [Seroxat] 2001-08-09 Wyoming *Jury Finds Paxil Was Cause of Murder-Suicide
Shooting Antidepressant* 2005-03-05 Florida *Man Acquitted in Gas Station Shooting: Involuntary Intoxication by Med
Robbery/Armed Paxil [Seroxat] WITHDRAWAL* 2003-08-10 England *Man Cleared of Charges by Using Paxil Defense
Assault Prozac* 2009-10-24 Kansas *Man Found Not Guilty of Assault Using Prozac Defense
Murder Med For Depression* 2009-11-19 England *Man Found Not Guilty of Killing Wife While Sleepwalking
Murder Zoloft* 2001-05-24 Australia *Man Found Not Guilty Using Zoloft Defense
Murder Attempt Zoloft* 2004-04-24 California *Man Found Not Guilty: Used Zoloft Defense
Murder-Suicide Attempt Effexor & Paxil* [Seroxat] 2003-06-17 Australia *Mother Acquitted by Using SSRI Defense
Murder Attempt Zoloft* 2002-11-04 Arizona *Mother Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder
Murder Paxil & ADHD Drug* 2000-05-18 Washington *Mother Stabs Daughter: Not Guilty by Reason of Drug Induced Insanity
Murder Attempt Prozac 2008-05-20 Connecticut *Not Guilty Because of Psychosis Brought On by Prozac & Adderall
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2007-05-15 Texas *Not Guilty by Reason of Cymbalta Induced Insanity: Man Kills Wife
Embezzlement/Bizarre Behavior Paxil* 2006-11-17 Florida *Not Guilty by Reason of Paxil Induced Insanity
Bank Robbery Prozac* 2002-11-16 Connecticut *Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity
Murder Prozac* 2003-07-11 Louisiana *Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity: Mother Kills Daughter
Violence Prozac* 2000-06-30 England *Woman Acquitted in Stabbing Incident
Stabbing Prozac 1998-10-13 Scotland *Woman Stabs Boyfriend: Used Prozac Defense: Placed on Probation
Disinhibition/Can Lead to Violence SSRIs/Effexor & Alcohol 2009-06-15 Global ++ Violence As a Side Effect of Antidepressants: Provocation by Alcohol: Study
Mania/Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2010-06-02 Global ++1 In 3 People Given A/D’s May Become Worse: Then Diagnosed With So-Called Bipolar Disorder: Web MD
Adverse Reaction SSRIs 2006-12-20 Global ++1 Preliminary Study: LSD & SSRIs Share Same Mechanism in Some Ways: U. of Arizona
Worsening Depression & Suicidality SSRI Antidepressants 2010-04-09 Global ++13.5% on SSRIs Had Worsening Depression & Suicidality:Sharp Drop in Brain Activity Within 48 Hours
Suicides/ Suicides Attempts/Addiction/Birth Defects Paxil 2010-03-08 U.S.A. ++150 Suicide Cases & 300 Suicide Attempts Settled: 3,200 Paxil Addictions Settled
Heart Attacks Antidepressants 2010-06-14 Global ++18 Year Olds Diagnosed With Depression & Given A/D’s More Likely To Die of Heart Attack at 55
Mania & Psychosis Antidepressants 2004-02-02 U.S.A. ++200,000 a Year Enter Hospital Due to Antidepressant- Induced Mania/ Psychosis: FDA Testimony
Mental Illness SSRIs & Other Psychiatric Meds 2010-04-14 U.S.A. ++35 Times as Many Children On Govt. Disability for Mental Illness Since Prozac Was Launched
Mania Antidepressants 2006-11-28 U.S.A. ++4.8 Million Person Increase in Bipolar Disorder in Last 11 Years: Majority Due to SSRI Use
Self-Prescribing Med For Depression 2009-11-08 U.S.A. ++43% of Psychiatrists Might Prescribe Antidepressant for Themselves:May Be Apropos to Fort Hood
Alcohol Craving Zoloft 2004-07-14 Global ++45 Out of 100 Alcoholics Increased Their Drinking on Zoloft
Deaths Wellbutrin* 2006-08-02 Washington DC ++468 Deaths Reported to FDA Thru 2003 : Freedom of Information
Misdiagnosis Med For Depression 2008-03-25 Global ++60% of Bipolars Were First Diagnosed With Depression
Not Recommended For Youth SSRIs 2008-11-12 U.S.A. ++74% of Youth Will Not Respond to SSRIs: CNS Response Data
Suicidal Thoughts Antidepressants 2007-06-07 Global ++8.8% of Non-Suicidal People Had Suicidal Thoughts on Antidepressants
Mania Med For Depression 2009-11-08 U.S.A. ++860,000 People Suffered Mania From Antidepressants in 2000: Most Not Hospitalized: Book Stats
Mania/Bipolar SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-09-23 Global ++9 Out of 10 Bipolars Became This Way Through Antidepressant Induced Mania: Doctor Speaks
Self-Mutilation Prozac 2000-05-07 Global ++According To Patent, Prozac, launched in Dec.1987, Causes Self-Mutilation
Permanent Loss of Libido SSRI Antidepressants 2010-03-27 Global ++After Discontinuation, Many Patients Still Experience Low Libido: Journal Article:Peoples Pharmacy
Alcohol Abuse Effexor 2007-05-01 Global ++Alcohol Abuse & „Feeling Drunk“ Listed as Side Effects in PDR
Alcohol Abuse Paxil 2007-05-01 Global ++Alcohol Abuse is Listed as an Adverse Reaction to Paxil in the Insert
Clinical Trial Manipulation Antidepressants 2010-04-02 Global ++All But 1 of 38 Positive Studies Published But Only 3 of 36 Negative Studies: AJP
Suicide/Impulsivity Antidepressants 2008-07-06 Global ++Almost One-Third of Suicides are Impulsive: Antidepressants Can Cause Impulsivity
Appear To Look Older Antidepressants 2009-02-04 Global ++Antidepressant Use Can Make People Look Older Than They Are: Also Causes Face Sagging: ASPS
Bipolar Disorder Antidepressants 2010-04-28 U.S.A. ++Antidepressants & ADHD Meds Causing over 1 Million Young People to Be Diagnosed as Bipolar
Ineffectiveness Antidepressants 2008-02-25 Global ++Antidepressants Are Ineffective: PLoS Medicine
Cancer Acceleration Antidepressants 2008-09-13 Global ++Antidepressants Can Both Accelerate and/or Shut Down Cancer Growth
Mood Destabilization Antidepressants 2008-03-04 Global ++Antidepressants Cause Rapid Cycling & Mood Destabilization in Bipolar Disorder: Am J Psychiatry
Infertility Antidepressants 2008-09-24 Global ++Antidepressants Could Harm Sperm & Lead to Infertility
Ineffective Antidepressants 2007-03-29 Global ++Antidepressants Don’t Help Bipolar Patients: New England Journal of Medicine
Stroke Risk SSRIs & Tricyclic Antidepressants 2009-12-15 Global ++Antidepressants Increase Stroke Risk Among Postmenopausal Women: Archives of Internal Medicine
REM Sleep Inhibition Antidepressants 2008-08-01 Global ++Antidepressants Inhibit REM Sleep: Loss of Dreaming Can Lead to Serious Illness
Parasomnia Antidepressants 2007-11-28 Global ++Antidepressants May Cause Violence in Sleep: Journal Article
Misprescribing Antidepressants 2009-06-07 Global ++Antidepressants Not Recommended in Mania but Frequently Prescribed: Research Study
Reduction in Anxiety Exercise 2010-04-05 Global ++Anxiety Greatly Reduced by Exercise: Anxiety Disorder Assn. of America
Anxiety SSRI & SNRI Antidepressants 2010-03-09 Global ++Anxiety Increased by SSRIs & SNRIs: Could Lead to Suicide: ISR Veterans’s Study
Deaths SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-02-23 England & Wales ++Between 1993 & 2002 there were 4,767 Deaths On SSRIs/ Antidepressants
Death Effexor 2005-05-28 England ++Between 1993 & 2002, 118 People in England & Wales Died While on Effexor
Plane Crashes SSRI Antidepressants 2010-07-04 U.S.A. ++Between 1993 & 2003 One Hundred Pilots in Fatal Crashes Were On SSRIs
False Positive for PCP Effexor 2007-02-15 Global ++Blood Samples Show Tests were False/Positive for PCP: Effexor Acts Like PCP!
Danger To Children Antidepressants, Antipsychotics & ADHD Meds 2010-06-23 Denmark ++BMC Research: Danish Children At Risk From Psychotropic Medicines
REM Sleep Disorder SSRIs 2009-02-20 Global ++Body Does Not Become Paralyzed During REM Sleep: Allows People on SSRIs To Act Out Their Dreams
Ineffective Celexa 2009-06-01 Global ++Celexa Has No Effect on Repetitive Behaviors in Autism: Causes Many Adverse Effects
Vivid Dreams/Nightmares Cymbalta 2009-01-07 Global ++Certain Antidepressants Such As Cymbalta Have Been Associated with Nightmares
Suicide Chantix & Zoloft 2008-07-15 Global ++Chantix & Zoloft Share Similar Mechanism: Lawsuit Over Suicide on Chantix
Anxiety/Depression SSRI Antidepressants 2010-05-03 U.S.A. ++Children Exposed in Womb to SSRIs Suffer More Anxiety/Depression at Age 3
Hypomania SSRIs/SNRIs & BuSpar 2010-03-20 Global ++Combination of Antidepressants & BuSpar Can Cause Hypomania in Some Patients
Unintentional Poisoning Deaths Antidepressants +Painkillers 2009-06-18 Global ++Combination of Antidepressants & Painkillers Can Be Fatal: National Safety Council
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & Dextromethorphan 2010-07-10 Global ++Combing SSRIs with Dextromethorphan Can Cause Serotonin Syndrome: Peoples Pharmacy
Conflict of Interest Psychotropic Medications 2009-06-03 Global ++Creators of Psychiatric Bible, the DSM-V, Have Economic Ties with Pharma
Suicide SSRIs 2008-07-17 Global ++David Healy, M.D. Responds to WSJ Article: Doubling of Suicidal Acts on SSRIs Over Placebo
Osteoporosis SSRIs 2008-02-06 Global ++Double The Risk for Osteoporosis for Those on SSRIs
Mania/Violence/Suicide Prozac 1990-08-16 Global ++Dr. Martin Teicher: Between 1.9 to 7.7% of Prozac Users at Risk for Mania, Violence/Suicide
Crime Against Humanity SSRIs 2009-01-04 Global ++Drug Companies Kept Information Secret About SSRIs
Unethical Lexapro 2009-09-02 Global ++Drug Maker Puts Money Into Doctor’s Pockets to Prescribe Lexapro
Drug Interaction Prozac, Paxil & Zoloft 2009-06-01 Global ++Evidence Shows Antidepressants Cut Effectiveness of Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer: Medco Health
Helps Depression Exercise 2000-09-21 Global ++Exercise Better Than Antidepressants for Depression: Duke University Study
Suicides & Homicides SSRIs 2009-05-11 U.S.A. ++FDA Adverse Reaction Reports from 2004 to 2006
Serotonin Syndrome Antidepressants 2006-08-03 Global ++FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Mixing Meds with Antidepressants
Behavioral Changes, Hostility, Depressed Mood & Suicidal Thoughts Wellbutrin & Chantix 2009-07-01 U.S.A. ++FDA Places Black Box Warning on Wellbutrin & Chantix
Panic Attacks, Hostility, Mania, Etc. SSRIs/Antidepressants 2004-03-22 Global ++FDA Public Health Advisory: Warning About Antidepressants: Also Withdrawal
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & SNRIs 2009-03-27 Global ++FDA Upgrades Warning on Serotonin Syndrome
Suicide Cymbalta 2005-07-01 Global ++FDA Warns of Higher Suicide Risk: Studies in Women Using Cymbalta for Incontinence
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome SSRIs/SNRIs 2009-02-05 Global ++FDA Warns of Life Threatening Disease: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome With Antidepressants
Unethical Zoloft & Cymbalta 2008-09-15 U.S.A. ++FDA Web Site on Drug Ads Developed by Drug Industry PR Firm
FDA Warning Antidepressants 2004-03-22 U.S.A. ++FDA: Depression Meds Can Cause Mania, Hypomania, Hostility, Panic Attacks, Worse Depression, Etc.
Suicides & Homicides Chantix 2007-11-28 Global ++Fifty-five Suicides Reported in One Week to FDA: Freedom of Information Act
Abnormal Behavior Prozac 2008-08-07 Global ++Fish Exposed to Prozac Exhibit Abnormal Behavior
Suicides Cymbalta 2009-08-22 U.S.A. ++Five Patients Committed Suicide During Clinical Trials for Cymbalta: Warning on Side-Effects
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-09-08 Indiana ++Forty-One Percent of Suicides in a County in Indiana Were on Antidepressant:First 6 Months of 2009
Preterm Birth SSRIs 2010-01-21 Global ++Fourteen Percent of Woman Had a Preterm Delivery on SSRIs: Most After First Trimester
Ineffective Bipolar Disorder Medications 2010-06-11 Global ++Global Industry Analysts‘ Bipolar Market Report
Suicide Prozac 2008-10-14 U.S.A. ++Govt. Study: 9% More Children On Prozac Alone Were Suicidal Compared to Those on Therapy Alone
FDA Medication Guide Antidepressants 2007-08-15 U.S.A. ++Guide to Be Given by Pharmacies to All Parents/Guardians of Those Under 18
Adverse Reactions Prozac 2001-04-29 Global ++Head of World Health Organization Warns of Side Effects
Violence Antidepressants 2009-05-22 Japan ++Health Ministries Revise Warnings On Med Guides: Causal Relationship Between SSRIs & Violence
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-07-16 Global ++High Suicide Rate Among Those With Fibromyalgia Might Be Due to Their Antidepressant Use for Fibro
Cataracts Effexor & Luvox Antidepressants 2010-03-08 Global ++Higher Chance of Cataracts with Effexor and Luvox
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & SNRIs 2008-11-09 U.S.A. ++In 2004, 103 Deaths Recorded from Serotonin Syndrome & 8,187 People Had Toxic Effects
Serotonin Levels Lowered SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-01-14 Global ++In Half of All Patients, Their Serotonin Levels are Lowered by SSRIs, Not Raised: Columbia U.
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-07-30 Sweden ++In Sweden, 52% of Woman Who Committed Suicide in 2006 Were Taking Antidepressants: APA Letter
Suicide Increase Antidepressants 2008-10-21 U.S.A. ++Increase in Both Suicide Rate & Antidepressant Use Among Middle Aged White Adults
Falls Med for Depression 2008-06-19 Global ++Increased Risk of Falls in Older People Taking Meds for Depression: Public Library of Science
Bleeding SSRIs 2009-06-01 Global ++Increases Risk of Fatal Bleeding For Those on Low Dose Continuous Aspirin
Depression & Abnormal Thoughts Prozac 2008-11-02 Global ++Lilly Removed Data on Depression & Abnormal Thoughts as Frequent Adverse Reactions:Clinical Trials
Violence/Aggression Chantix 2010-07-23 Global ++Link Between Violence/Aggression & Chantex Confirmed in New Study
Adverse Reaction Prozac 1999-05-10 Global ++Little Difference Between the Street Drug Ecstasy & Prozac: Noted Mental Health Journalist
Diabetes SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-04-17 Global ++Long-Term Use of Moderate to High Daily Doses of SSRIs Doubles the Risk For Diabetes: NIH
Dangerous Combination Lexapro & Effexor Antidepressants 2010-03-19 Global ++Manufacturer of Lexapro Recommends Not Combining it With Effexor
Unethical Conduct Paxil 2010-01-27 Global ++Manufacturer of Paxil Is Unethical During Clinical Trials for Paxil in Regard to Placebo Washout
Decrease in Suicides None 2007-10-19 Maryland ++Maryland Has Seen a Decrease in Youth Suicide Since the Black Box Warning
Bone Loss Effexor 2010-06-16 Global ++Massive Bone Loss in Peridontal Disease For Those on Effexor: Study
Worsens Depression Antidepressants* 2009-05-08 Global ++Mayo Clinic Physician Believes Antidepressants Can Worsen Depression & Also Cause Mania
Weight Gain Antidepressants 2010-03-01 Global ++Meds For Depression Can Cause Weight Gain & Obesity as a Side Effect: Study: AGP
Ineffective SSRIs/Antidepressants 2010-08-24 Global ++Medscape: Meta-Analyses Suggest Antidepressants Are Only Marginally Better Than Placebo
Infertility SSRIs 2009-06-12 Global ++Men on SSRI Antidepressants Have Reduced Fertility
Mental Illness Disability Rate Prozac/SSRIs/SNRIs 2010-05-04 U.S.A. ++Mental Illness Disability Rate Has More Than Doubled Since Introduction of Prozac in 1987
Adverse Reactions Antidepressants & Polypharmacy 2010-09-07 Global ++Monotherapy Controls More Episodes Than Polypharmacy: Causes Less Cardiovascular Problems
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-02-05 Iraq/Afghanistan ++More Soldiers Committed Suicide in Jan. 2009 Than Died In Combat: Excessive Antidepressants Cited
Ineffective Prozac & Zoloft, etc. 2009-05-19 Global ++Most Studies of Prozac & Zoloft Were Negative But Still Approved by FDA: Book: Beyond Prozac
Crime Against Humanity SSRIs/SNRIS/Antidepressants 2010-02-01 Global ++New Book by Lilly Executive Claims Drugmakers Knew of Potential for Homicides, Mass Shootings, etc
Increased Depression SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-07-22 Global ++New Scientist: Too Much Serotonin in Some Brain Regions Causes Depression
Depression In Older Adults Therapy, Yoga & Meditation 2010-08-18 Global ++Older Adults Recover Better From Depression With Therapy, Yoga & Medication Than With A/D’s
Turbulent Emotions/Compelling Thoughts SSRIs 2009-02-07 Global ++One in 20 People Without Depression Had Side Effects Such As Turbulent Emotions & Thoughts: Study
Homicidal Ideation Zoloft 2008-11-03 Global ++One in Sixty-six Children Aged 17 & Under Had Homicidal Ideation in this Study from the NEJM
Serotonin Toxicity Antidepressants 2008-09-01 Australia ++One in Twelve Older Men at Risk for Serotonin Toxicity by Drug Combinations
Apathy Antidepressants 2009-06-01 Global ++One of the Side-Effects of Antidepressants is Apathy: Research for DSM-V
Violence Paxil 2004-11-07 Global ++One Out of Five Paxil Users Surveyed by MIND Reported Violent Behavior
Overprescribing Antidepressants 2008-12-02 Australia ++Over 4000 Children Under 10 Years of Age,, including 48 Babies, were Prescribed SSRIs Last Year
Adverse Reactions Chantix/Champix 2009-02-05 Canada ++Over 800 Complaints to Health Canada: 520 Involved Psychiatric Problems
Dangerous Misdiagnosis SSRIs & ADHD Meds 2009-07-31 Global ++Over 81% of youths Took An SSRI or ADHD Med Before Being Diagnosed as Bipolar
Homicidal Ideation Effexor 2007-05-01 Global ++Package Insert Lists Homicidal Ideation as Adverse Reaction
Adverse Effects Paxil 2004-10-03 England ++Panorama TV Investigates Paxil’s Effects of Aggression, Suicide & Withdrawal Syndrome
Homicidal Thoughts Zoloft 2004-12-19 U.S.A. ++Patient in Clinical Trials for Zoloft Had Thoughts of Killing Self & Others
Side Effects Reports Meds For Depression 2010-04-20 Global ++Patients Report 20 Times More Side Effects Than Physicians Report: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Hyponatremia SSRIs 2009-03-28 Global ++Patients Taking SSRIs More Likely to Have Hyponatremia & Fracture Limbs During Falls
Mania Prozac 2010-05-17 Global ++Patients Who Feel Better Than Well on Prozac Are Soft Bipolars Who Might Become Manic
Crime Against Humanity Paxil 2010-05-21 Japan ++Paxil Is BeingTested on 7 Year Olds Despite FDA Black Box Warning for Suicidality
Do Not Prescribe Zoloft 2008-11-03 Australia ++Pfizer, Zoloft’s Manufacturer, Recommends Zoloft Not Be Prescribed To Those Under 24 in Australia
Ineffectiveness SSRIs 2008-01-17 Global ++Pharmaceutical Companies Witheld Negative Results in Trials of SSRIs; You Tube
Ineffective Prozac/SSRIs 2009-09-02 Global ++Placebo Response Getting Stronger: Prozac Now Not Much More Effective Than Placebo
Postpartum Depression Antidepressants 2010-04-02 Global ++Postpartum: Antidepressants Can Exacerbate Depression Symptoms: American Journal of Psychiatry
Delayed Infant Development Antidepressants 2010-02-22 Global ++Pregnant Woman On Depression Meds: Developmental Delay in Infants: Pediatric Health: Denmark
Hypertension & Preeclampsia SSRIs 2009-03-02 Global ++Pregnant Woman Who Use SSRIs Have 4 X the Rate of Hypertension & 2 X the Rate of Preeclampsia
Sleep Problems SSRIs 2009-02-16 Global ++Prepubescent Children Who Take Antidepressants Are Susceptible to Sleep Problems Thoughout Life:
Ineffective Pristiq Antidepressant 2008-10-16 Europe ++Pristiq Is Not Approved in Europe Due to Concerns About Effectivess
Ineffective For Autism Prozac 2009-02-24 Global ++Prozac Is Ineffective For Autism: Clinical Trials
Uncontrolled Actions Antidepressants 1995-04-05 Global ++Psychopharmacologist at McLean: Antidepressants Involving Mania Can Cause Uncontrollable Actions
Unethical Zoloft 2008-05-23 Global ++PTSD Alliance Group Is the Creation of a Public Relations Firm Working for Pfizer
Worsening Depression Meds For Depression 2010-05-17 Global ++Reduces Symptoms in the Short-Term But Worsens Symptoms in the Long Term: Book: R. Whitaker
Anxiety/Panic Attacks SSRIs 2000-05-14 Global ++Research: Serotonin Levels 8 Times Higher Than Normal in Unmedicated Anxious People
Heat Stroke Antidepressants 2010-05-26 Global ++Risk of Death: Heat Wave: Greater For Those Over 70 On Antidepressants
Suicides Among Military Antidepressants 2009-09-21 Global ++Senate Adopts Amendent to Study Suicides/Military: 40% of Military Were On Anti’s During Suicide
Ecological Disaster Prozac 2010-07-06 Global ++Shrimp’s Behavior Changed by Prozac in Ocean: Causing Ecological Diaster
Increase in Social Security Disability SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-10-07 U.S.A. ++Six Hundred % Increase in SSD Since SSRIs Introduced: Causes Mania/Psychosis: R.Whitaker’s Book
Suicide SSRIs 2008-05-05 Iraq/U.S.A. ++Soldiers Have More Post War SuicidesThan Combat Deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan
Crime Against Humanity Chantix 2008-06-17 U.S.A. ++Soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recruited to Test Drug the FDA Says Causes Suicide
Suicides Not Mentioned 2010-04-04 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. ++Soldiers: Suicides Among 20 to 24 Year Olds: 4 Times the Average: FDA Black Box For Suicidality
Mania, Suicide & Violence SSRIs & SNRIs 2010-02-25 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. ++Soldiers: Veteran’s Govt. Meeting: More Soldiers Kill Themselves Than Killed in Combat
Emotional Blunting SSRIs 2009-09-01 Global ++Some People Who Take Prozac Report Their Experience of Emotions is Blunted: BJP
Homicides SSRIs 2007-11-20 Global ++SSRIs & Homicide: The New York Review of Books
Lactation Difficulties Antidepressants 2010-01-26 Global ++SSRIs Are Linked to Lactation Delays After Giving Birth: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
Divorce/Emotional Blunting SSRI Antidepressants 2010-09-23 Global ++SSRIs Can Cause Emotional Blunting & Divorce: Article by Physician
Mania & Depression SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-05-18 Global ++SSRIs Can Cause Rapid Cycling from Mania To Depression And Back in So-Called Bipolar Patients
Suicide SSRIs* 2006-10-16 Global ++SSRIs Can Increase the Number of Serotonin Receptors Linked to Suicide
Weight Gain SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-02-18 Global ++SSRIs Cause Weight Lose At the Beginning of Use But Weight Gain After Continuous use
Personality Change SSRIs 2009-09-03 Global ++SSRIs Caused Less Empathy & Sympathy: Personality Change: Detachment from Others: BJP
Birth Defects [Heart] SSRIs 2009-09-25 Global ++SSRIs During Early Pregnancy Double to Triple the Risk of Heart Defects Among Babies
Ineffective SSRI Antidepressants 2010-01-05 Global ++SSRIs Ineffective For Mild to Moderate Depression: JAMA
Ineffective SSRIs 2009-01-26 Global ++SSRIs Ineffective For Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: Meta-analyses
Effectiveness Questioned SSRIs & SNRIs 2007-11-25 Global ++SSRIs Only Have a 10% Effective Rate Over Placebo and the 10% Is Suspect
Mania St. Johns Wort 2009-02-18 Global ++St. Johns Wort Can Cause Mania In People With So Called Bipolar Disorder
Ineffective SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-05-20 U.S.A. ++Star*D Outcome: Only 3% of Those Taking Antidepressants Had a Sustained Remission After 1 Year
Adverse Reactions Prozac 1991-11-05 Colorado ++State Dept. of Health Reports Prozac Had More Adverse Reactions Reported Than Any Other Drug
Crime Against Humanity Antidepressants 2007-09-17 U.S.A. ++Statistics on Suicides Among the Young Have Been „Manipulated“: 1st Article
Crime Against Humanity Antidepressants 2007-09-17 U.S.A. ++Statistics on Suicides Among the Young Have Been „Manipulated“: 2nd article
Crime Against Humanity Antidepressants 2007-09-17 U.S.A. ++Statistics on Suicides Among the Young Have Been „Manipulated“: 3rd Article
Crime Against Humanity Antidepressants 2007-09-17 U.S.A. ++Statistics on Suicides Among the Young Have Been „Manipulated“: 4th Article
Suicide Rates Decline SSRIs 2007-12-04 U.S.A. ++Statistics: As SSRI Use Declined Among Youth Between 2004 & 2005, Suicide Rates Declined: AJP
Worse Than Ineffective SSRIs/SNRIs/Antidepressants 2010-01-29 Global ++Studies Suggest Antidepressants May be Worse Than Ineffective: Newsweek Magazine
Diabetes Antidepressants 2008-03-13 Global ++Study Shows Increased Risk of Diabetes with Antidepressant Use
Ineffective Med For Depression 2010-02-18 Canada ++Study: Depression Meds Not Very Effective & Raise Cardiovascular Deaths If Taken with Beta-Blocker
Violence SSRIs 2001-05-11 Global ++Study: Excess of Serotonin in Brain Causes Violence
Emotional Blunting/Personality Changes SSRIs 2010-02-18 Global ++Study: SSRIs Cause Emotional Detachment/Personality Change/Reduction in Positive Emotion: BJP
Suicide Rate Antidepressants 2008-09-06 U.S.A. ++Suicide Rate Among Teens Declines as Antidepressant Use Among Teens Slows
Suicide Rates Antidepressants 2008-04-14 Denmark ++Suicide Rates Were Five to Six Times Higher Among those Taking SSRIs Than Those Who Were Not
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-01-12 Global ++Suicide Risk Higher for First 12 Weeks Following Antidepressant Start: J of Affective Disorders
Treatment-Emergent Mania Antidepressants 2009-02-12 Global ++TEM Caused by SSRIs Can Lead to Damaging Behaviors, Arrest & Incarceration
Sexual Dysfunction SSRIs 2008-12-15 Global ++Thirty- Ffity % of Those on SSRIs Have Sexual Dysfunction: Some May Not Recover After Withdrawing
Shortening of Life Span Antidepressants & Antipsychotics 2009-10-01 Global ++Those on Antidepresants & Antipsychotics Have Shorter Life Span: Diabetes & CV: Endocrine Today
Kleptomania Med For Depression 2009-05-04 Global ++Three-Fourths of Kleptomaniacs Were on Depression Meds at Time of Thefts: U. Of Minnesota Study
Stock Market Crash Prozac 2003-05-28 U.S.A./Global ++Trader Becomes Hypomanic on Medication
Stock Market Crash Antidepressants 2008-10-08 U.S.A./Global ++Traders on Antidepressants May Have Contributed to the Financial Crisis: Journalist Adam Hanft
Stock Market Crash SSRIs 2008-03-26 U.S.A./Global ++Traders on Wall Street Admit to Antidepressant Use
Adverse Reactions Meds For Depression 2009-09-01 Global ++Twenty-Three % on Depression Meds Say Med Did Not Agree With Them Mentally: Irish Medical Times
Stock Market Crash Med For Depression 2009-06-29 U.S.A. ++U.S.A. Being Medicated with Antidepressants Could Have Contributed to Stock Mark Crash
Suicide Risk Antidepressants 2008-09-01 Europe ++Update From European & Irish Agencies on Suicide Risk in Young Adults
Violent Behavior Prozac 1990-05-15 Global ++Violent Behavior Added to Insert On Prozac Post-Introductory Reports
Side-Effects List Paxil, Effexor & Imipramine 2009-04-09 Global ++Warning on Side-Effects of Antidepressants: British Medical Journal Publishing
Seizures Wellbutrin 2008-08-19 Global ++Wellbutrin Alone Produced Seizures in Mice: Larger Effect When Alcohol Was Added
Withdrawal SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-12-03 Global ++Withdrawal is Sometimes More Severe Than the Original Symptoms or Problem: Peoples Pharmacy
Road Rage Prozac 2008-03-15 New Zealand ++Woman Develops Road Rage On Prozac: New Zealand Journal of Psychology: March 2008
Pre-Term Delivery SSRIs 2009-10-06 Global ++Women Who Take SSRIs During Pregnancy Have Twice the Risk of Pre-Term Delivery: Study
Birth Defects Prozac & Paxil 2008-11-24 U.S.A. ++Women Who Took Prozac & Paxil During Pregnancy Had 3 to 4 Times As Many Babies With Birth Defects
Maladaptive Behaviors SSRIs 2007-07-07 Global ++Young Mice Given SSRIs Have Maladaptive Behaviors in Adulthood
Adverse Reaction Prozac* 1995-12-10 Colorado +10 Year Old Boy Becomes Like Someone on Heroin, According to Psychologist
Murder Prozac 2004-08-31 Texas +10 Year Old Kills his Father, Who Is a Physician
Murder Zoloft* 2001-11-28 South Carolina +12 Year Old Kills His Grandparents
Suicide Paxil 2005-04-09 Virginia +14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Made into TV Show
Murder Prozac 1994-10-23 Iowa +14 Year Old Girl Stabs Great Aunt: Given Life in Prison
Murder Zoloft 2004-05-03 Montana +14 Year Old Murders his Mother & 10 Year Old Brother
Violence Zoloft* 2004-09-12 Colorado +15 Year Old Girl ‚Knife Attacks‘ Mother
Murder Paxil WITHDRAWAL 2002-11-14 Texas +15 Year Old Girl Kills 6 Year Old Brother
Murder Prozac 2009-11-19 Missouri +15 Year Old Girl Kills 9 Year Old Neighbor to See What It Feels Like to Kill
Murder Paxil 2008-05-26 Texas +15 Year Old Girl Kills Grandmother 13 Years Ago: Life Sentence
Murder Wellbutrin 2000-03-11 Massachusetts +16 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother, a Psychiatrist
Murder Zoloft* 2005-03-06 Idaho +16 Year Old Girl Kills her Parents: Court TV
Murder Med For Depression 1994-09-09 Kansas +16 Year Old Kills his Mother & Sister: No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
Murder Prozac 2006-11-26 Maryland +16 Year Old PATIENT in Mental Hospital Kills Nurse: Gets Life Without Possibility of Parole
Suicide Attempt Prozac & Zoloft 2001-07-01 Oregon +17 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Lawsuit Won
Murder Prozac 2004-01-12 Michigan +17 Year Old Kills his Two Sisters & his Mother: No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
Suicide Cymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2004-02-10 Indiana +19 Year Old Healthy, Normal Woman Kills Self During Clinical Trial
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1994-06-05 New Jersey +77 Year Old Woman Stabs Husband 35 Times & Stabs Self 50 Times
Anthrax Murders Celexa 2008-08-08 U.S.A. +Anthrax Suspect Took Celexa First: Became Psychotic.: Psychosis is Listed as an Adverse Reaction
Murder-Suicide Paxil* 1997-04-14 California +Asian: Father Drowns Two Children: Kills Self: Lawsuit
Murder Antidepressant 2004-07-25 England +Britain’s Most Wanted Man
Murder Prozac 1991-11-06 California +Daughter, A College Professor, Bites her 87 Year Old Mother to Death
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-26 California +Famous Actor Mel Gibson Said To Be Using Antidepressants: Radical Change in Personality
Bizarre Behavior Paxil & Prozac 2008-01-12 California +Famous Actress Britney Spears Exhibits Bizarre Behavior on Paxil
Death Prozac/Sarafem 2010-01-21 California +Famous Actress Brittany Murphy Was taking Sarafem, Same Drug as Prozac, at Time of Death
Shoplifting Zoloft 2001-12-15 California +Famous Actress, Winona Ryder, Arrested for Shoplifting
Murder Prozac 2006-11-26 California +Famous Athlete O. J. Simpson on Double Dose of Prozac at Time of Murders
Suicide Prozac 1997-10-15 California +Famous Author’s Son Commits Suicide
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 1998-05-28 California +Famous Comedian Phil Hartman Shot in his Sleep by Wife: She Then Kills Self
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2001-08-06 Nepal +Famous Crown Prince of Nepal Kills 9 Family Members & Self
Assault/Death Meds for PTSD 2010-01-26 Massachusetts +Famous Ice Skater’s Brother Arrested After Assaulting Father Who Then Collapses & Soon Dies
Road Rage Mania Prozac* 2001-03-29 Paris, France +Famous Princess Diana: Dr. Discusses Driver in Car Crash
Psychosis/Schizophrenia Antidepressant* 2010-07-11 England +Famous Son of Bin Laden Becomes Schizophrenic Due to Antidepressant Use According to UK Doctors
Murder Paxil & Prozac 2006-01-20 North Carolina +Father Murders 5 Year Old Twin Daughters: Featured on Oprah Winfrey Show
Murder Paxil 2008-05-25 Canada +Father Who Murdered Son Four Years Ago Campaigns Against SSRIs
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Luvox 1998-03-06 Connecticut +Five Dead: State Lottery Business Office
Nervous Breakdown Antidepressant 2003-07-24 California +Football Player Misses Superbowl
Violence Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2008-01-31 England +Man Attacks Woman with Machete: Given Reduced Sentence Because of Withdrawal
Murder Paxil 2003-07-24 New York +Man Shoots NY City Councilman in City Council Chambers
Stabbing Prozac* 1992-06-11 Florida +Man Stabs Wife: Physician Testifies Prozac Was Main Cause
Murder Med For Depression 2009-12-28 Florida +Man Who Shot 4 Relatives Dead at Thanksgiving is Now America’s Most Wanted Man
Suicide Plotting Prozac/SSRIs 2010-05-12 China +Man’s Condition Worsens on SSRIs Which Are Popular in China: May be Apropos to School Stabbings
Mania Prozac 2008-10-06 Canada +Margaret Trudeau Becomes Manic on Prozac: Is Now Off All Antidepressants
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-07 Ohio +Mother Kills her Two Young Children & Herself
Murder Effexor & Other Antidepressants 2010-01-16 England +Niece of Millionaire Member of Parliment Kills her Boyfriend
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Prozac 1989-09-14 Kentucky +Nine Dead: 12 Wounded: Standard Gravure Printing Company
Murder Effexor* 2006-07-10 Texas +Postpartum Depression: Andrea Yates Retried for Murder of Five Children
Murder Zoloft 2006-01-12 New Mexico +Sam Donaldson’s Ranch Manager’s 14 Year Old Son Murders his Parents & Sister
Workplace Violence/Murder Prozac* 2000-12-26 Massachusetts +Seven dead at Edgewater Technology Computer Company
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Zoloft & Celexa 2003-07-10 Mississippi +Six Dead: Lockheed Martin
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-28 Iraq/Texas +Soldier Kills 5 at Baghdad Psychiatric Center on May 11th, 2009
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2010-08-19 Iraq/Wisconsin +Soldier, Served in Iraq: Now With National Guard Kills Wife, Child & Self: On A/D’s For Two Weeks
Death Paxil/Seroquel & Benzo 2008-06-08 U.S.A. +Soldiers [Twelve] Die in Sleep from PTSD Meds As Uncovered by the Father of One of the Soldiers
Suicides SSRIs 2010-02-24 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. +Soldiers: Dept. of Defense Studying Link Between High Suicide Rate Among Vets & Medications
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-16 Texas +Woman Mayor Kills Daughter & Self
Affair With Minor Antidepressants 2007-12-10 Canada +Woman School Teacher Accused of Affair with 13 Year Old Male Student
Affair With Minor Prozac 2001-09-01 Utah +Woman School Teacher Gets Jail for Sexual Abuse of 16 Year Old Boy
Affair With Minor Med For Depression 2008-07-17 Wisconsin +Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 13 Year Old Boy
Affair With Minor Paxil/Wellbutrin 2004-12-03 Florida +Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 14 Year Old Boy
Affair With Minor Antidepressants 2007-12-11 New York +Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 15 Year Old Male Student
Affair With Minor Prozac/Wellbutrin 2006-06-22 New Hampshire +Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 16 Year Old Boy
Affair With Minor Celexa 2009-04-23 New York +Woman School Teacher Molests 13 Year Old Male Student
Affair With Minor Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-03-30 New York +Woman School Teacher Molests 14 Year Old Male Student
Affair With Minor/Murder Prozac 1990-05-19 New Hampshire +Woman School Teacher Molests 15 Year Old Student: Has Him Kill Spouse
Affairs with Minors Prozac 2006-03-24 West Virginia +Woman School Teacher Molests Four Students Under 15
Affair With Minor Antidepressants 2009-02-06 Texas +Woman School Teacher, 42, Molests her 10th Grade Male Student
Murder Med For Depression 2009-04-15 California +Woman School Teacher, Sunday School, Molests & Kills 8 Year Old Neighbor Girl
Murder Paxil 1999-10-16 California +Woman Serial Killer was on Paxil at Time of Murders
Murder Antidepressant* 2002-09-21 Tennessee +Woman Stabs Man Over 100 Times
Affairs With Minors SSRIs 2009-04-18 Idaho/Global +Women Molest Minors: SSRIs: More Mania: More Bipolar: More Women Become Pedophiles
Murder Paxil 2003-05-22 Pennsylvania +Young Woman Murders Two People: Made into TV Show
Death Bipolar Meds 2009-06-07 Kansas 3 Year Old Girl Dies from High Dosages of Bipolar Meds
Death Bipolar Meds 2007-02-08 Massachusetts 4 Year Old Girl Dies From Overdose of Meds
Behavioral Change Prozac 2006-07-07 Connecticut 5 year Old Goes from Anxious to Angry
Overdose Remeron Antidepressant & Others 2006-08-06 Washington 6 Year Old Dies on Psych Cocktail
Inappropriate Behaviors Antidepressants 2005-04-13 U.S.A. 6 Year Old With Selective Mutism Exhibits Bad Behavior in Kindergarten: Is OK When Med Is Stopped
Suicide Prozac & Zyprexa 2009-04-22 Florida 7 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Death Antidepressant 2007-11-28 Oregon 7 Year Old In Foster Care Dies From Poweful Antidepressant
Tantrums Prozac 2007-11-24 Michigan 8 Year Old Asperger’s Patient Misdiagnosed With Depression: Becomes Worse on Prozac
Behavioral Change Luvox, Ritalin, etc. 2006-01-29 Illinois 8 Year Old Becomes Zombie
Death Prozac 1995-02-15 Pennsylvania 9 Year Old Boy Dies From Prozac Toxicity
Suicide Attempt & Rages Paxil 2002-03-18 Pennsylvania 9 Year Old Girl Becomes Worse on Meds
Arson/Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2002-01-03 Ohio 10 & 11 Year Old Boy & Girl Attempt Arson & Murder
Violent Behavior Prozac WITHDRAWAL 2006-06-14 England 10 Year Old Becomes Violent
Suicide Effexor 2002-08-14 Texas 10 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-10-24 South Africa 10 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Violence Prozac 2010-05-06 Australia 10 Year Old Boy Taken From School in Handcuffs After Violent Attack
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2004-10-12 Illinois 10 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2000-04-16 England 10 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: After Prozac, She Attacked Her Little Brother & Became Violent
Death Effexor/Psychotropics 2001-04-04 Colorado 10 Year Old Girl Dies During
Death Antidepressant 2001-02-06 New York 10 Year Old Girl Dies in Mother’s Arms From Toxicity of Antidepressant
Assault/Gun Prozac 1996-03-09 Florida 10 Year Old Uses 3 Year Old Niece as Shield: Aims Gun at Sheriff’s Deputy
Violence Prozac 2000-02-27 Pennsylvania 11 Year Old Becomes Violent & Aggressive on Prozac & Ritalin
Suicide Effexor & Zoloft 2008-09-20 U.S.A. 11 Year Old Boy Hangs Self in 2002: Reported In the Book Medication Madness
Violence & Suicide Attempt Paxil 1999-01-05 Michigan 11 Year Old Boy is Violent & Suicidal on Paxil
Psychosis Antidepressant 2010-04-14 Washington 11 Year Old Girl Given A/D for Bedwetting: Becomes Agitated: Has Psychosis: Never Recovers
Suicide Lexapro 2006-07-26 Utah 11 Year Old Girl Hangs Self; Family Sues
Robbery/Shooting Paxil 1996-02-28 California 11 Year Old Goes On Robbery & Shooting Spree
Suicide Prozac 1997-09-13 Louisiana 11 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Effexor & Zoloft* 2004-10-06 Nebraska 11 Year Old Hangs Himself: Lawsuit
Murder Zoloft 2009-12-10 Georgia 12 Year Old Boy Murders 5 Week Old Infant
Suicidal Behavior Antidepressants 2007-12-26 Arizona 12 Year Old Boy Recovers After Doctors Take Him Off Antidepressants
Suicide Zoloft 2004-01-15 Virginia 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 2000-01-05 Texas 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2004-02-09 Idaho 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt & Self-Mutilation Prozac 1988-01-15 Washington DC 12 Year Old Girl Given Prozac, and Later Zoloft, Deteriorates
Homicidal Ideation Prozac & Paxil 2000-04-18 U.S.A. 12 Year Old Girl Plots to Kill her Mother
Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2004-08-09 Maine 12 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates & Attempts Suicide
Murder Zoloft 2006-08-11 Arkansas 12 Year Old Kills 11 Year Old Sister
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-01-15 Missouri 12 Year Old Kills Self: On Both Antidepressants & ADHD Med
Suicide Prozac 2006-03-01 Michigan 12 Year Old Shoots Himself
Cure Exercise Program 2008-04-19 Australia 12 Year Old With Depression & Suicidal Thoughts is Cured with Exercise-Based Therapy Program
Injury to Child Paxil 2002-09-24 New York 12-Year-Old Driven Insane By Medicine
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 1993-04-16 Iowa 13 & 14 Year Olds Attempt to Kill Police Officer: 26 Mile Chase
Mania Antidepressants 2007-09-05 Texas 13 Year Old Becomes „Bipolar“ after Antidepressant Use
Suicide Zoloft 1997-07-28 Kansas 13 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2003-09-17 Arizona 13 Year Old Boy Intends to Commit Suicide at School
Violence Med for Depression 2005-07-12 New York 13 Year Old Girl Attacks Police: Child is Critically Injured
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-03-15 Georgia 13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Lexapro 2005-04-02 Georgia 13 Year Old Hangs Himself
Murder Antidepressants* 2008-04-18 Colorado 13 Year Old Killed Mother & Grandmother in 1999: Is Released From Prison: Now Has Adult Sentence
Murder Prozac 2006-03-24 Washington 13 Year Old Kills Grandmother
Suicide Antidepressants 1998-03-26 California 13 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Paxil 2008-02-03 California 13 Year Old Kills Self: Lawsuit: Dismissed Because of State Law
Suicide Prozac 2000-06-02 Utah 14 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-03-04 California 14 Year Old Boy Fires Into Crowd: One Man Killed: Five Day Withdrawal
Violence Antidepressant 2008-02-07 Massachusetts 14 Year Old Boy Stabs Police Officer in Chest
Murder Antidepressant 2005-04-09 Virginia 14 Year Old Boy Stabs Store Clerk
Suicide Paxil 2007-06-13 Indiana 14 Year Old Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2001-05-15 New Jersey 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt in School Classroom Med For Depression 2009-12-10 South Carolina 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide in School Classroom
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2008-09-19 Australia 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Possible Lawsuit
Murder Attempt Zoloft 1999-09-29 Florida 14 Year Old Girl Attempts to Kill Mother
Injury to Child Paxil 2003-04-06 New Jersey 14 Year Old Girl Becomes Suicidal & Violent : Lawsuit
Arson/Death Antidepressants 1996-12-15 Indiana 14 Year Old Girl Burns Down Her House: Mother & Sister Die
Suicide Celexa/SSRIs 2002-06-07 U.S.A. 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Prozac 2000-10-31 Arizona 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Prozac 2007-02-06 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Lexapro 2008-07-12 Missouri 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide While On Lexapro
Suicide Lexapro 2009-04-13 New York 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Fund for Funeral Expenses Announced
Self-Mutilation/Cutting Med For Depression 2009-02-18 Pennsylvania 14 Year Old Girl Deliberately Harms Herself
Self-Mutilation Antidepressant 2007-06-06 Illinois 14 Year Old Girl Has Increase in Self-Mutilation While On Antidepressant
Suicide Effexor 2004-09-27 California 14 Year Old Girl Kill Self: Took 4 SSRIs in One Year
Murder Antidepressant 2010-02-01 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Kills 3 Year Old Boy
Murder Antidepressant 2006-09-14 Oregon 14 Year Old Girl Kills Friend of Same Age
Suicide Prozac 2005-09-27 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-11-12 Missouri 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 2009-06-08 Connecticut 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Happened in 2005: Lawsuit in 2009
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-30 Ohio 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Family Committed to Suicide Prevention Charities
Arson Antidepressant* 2004-12-04 Ohio 14 Year Old Girl Sets Fires
Suicidal Behavior Effexor 2005-08-05 Virginia 14 Year Old Girl Suffers Adverse Reaction
Suicide Prozac 2000-12-05 Alabama 14 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Zoloft & Paxil 1995-04-09 New Jersey 14 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Zoloft 1997-04-21 Florida 14 Year Old Kills Himself
Murder Paxil 1995-03-11 Illinois 14 Year Old Kills his Mother
Suicide Zoloft & Effexor 2005-07-07 California 14 Year Old Kills Self
Murder Zoloft & ADHD Drug 1997-09-02 Michigan 14 Year Old Kills Woman During Robbery: Life Sentence
Shooting Effexor & Seroquel 2007-10-31 Tennessee 14 Year Old Shoots at Store Clerk
Knife Attack Med For Depression 2008-08-04 Tennessee 14 Year Old Stabs his Parents: They Are Hospitalized in Serious Condition
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-01-06 Massachusetts 15 & 17 Year Old Brothers Attempt Suicide
Assault Antidepressant 2007-05-03 England 15 Year Old Assaults Police: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2006-01-25 Arkansas 15 Year Old Attempts Suicide at School
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2007-08-28 Pennsylvania 15 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Tries to Jump from Bridge
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2005-05-16 Nebraska 15 Year Old Attempts to Kill Father: Kills Self
Assault Zoloft, Straterra & Risperdal 2005-01-25 New York 15 Year Old Boy Assaults Neighbor Girl
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-30 North Carolina 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 2010-01-17 Oregon 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After a Few Weeks on Zoloft
Suicide Zoloft 2003-12-17 Texas 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide on Zoloft
Death Antidepressants 2008-12-18 Australia 15 Year Old Boy in Three Day Withdrawal Killed by Police When Boy Became Violent
Homicidal Thoughts Zoloft, Paxil & Effexor 2004-02-02 Georgia 15 Year Old Boy Injured by Meds
Murder Paxil 1997-10-31 New Jersey 15 Year Old Boy Kills 11 Year Old Boy Who Was Selling Cookies Door-To-Door
Murder Med for Depression 1999-08-25 Illinois 15 Year Old Boy Kills Father: Injures Mother
Murder Prozac* 2009-01-28 England 15 Year Old Boy Murders Man: Trial Is In Progress
Murder Zoloft 1997-05-22 New York 15 Year Old Commits Murder in Central Park
Suicide Antidepressants 1998-10-27 North Carolina 15 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 1997-03-20 Florida 15 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1995-02-22 Florida 15 Year Old Deliberately Drives Car into House
Death Antidepressant 2009-04-11 Michigan 15 Year Old Dies From One Taser Shock
Suicide Zoloft 1996-05-19 Missouri 15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-05-05 Colorado 15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-07-21 England 15 Year Old Girl Dies from Overdose
Suicide Zoloft 2004-10-24 Utah 15 Year Old Girl Given Zoloft for ‚Warts‘
Suicide Zoloft & Accutane 2004-10-28 Australia 15 Year Old Girl Hang Self
Suicide Prozac 1996-07-12 California 15 Year Old Girl Jumps Off Cliff with 14 Year Old Girl
Suicide Prozac 2001-04-15 Idaho 15 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Murder Plans Paxil 2004-09-12 Florida 15 Year Old Girl Plans to Kill Mother, Brother & Self
Self-Mutilation Prozac, Zoloft & Paxil 1997-10-19 Massachusetts 15 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates
Murder Prozac 2000-11-30 North Carolina 15 Year Old Girl Shoots Grandfather
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2009-06-01 Maryland 15 Year Old Girl Solicits her Father’s Murder
Suicide Prozac 2010-01-07 California 15 Year Old Girl Stands In Front of Train
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-03-26 Georgia 15 Year Old Girl Tries to Hang Self
Suicide Prozac 2006-03-26 Texas 15 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-06 Arizona 15 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-04-27 Georgia 15 Year Old Kills Himself in the Year 2000: Mother Now Helping Other Survivors
Murder Paxil 2000-04-18 Tennessee 15 Year Old Kills his Father
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-06-16 Nebraska 15 Year Old Kills Self
Murder Effexor 2006-06-29 Virginia 15 Year Old Kills Store Clerk
Psychosis Antidepressant 2010-03-18 California 15 Year Old Misdiagnosed: Given Antidepressant: Becomes Psychotic & Hallucinates
Murder Zoloft 2003-01-19 Florida 15 Year Old Murders His Uncle
Arson Prozac 1999-03-10 Florida 15 Year Old Sets Fires
Suicide Prozac 1992-01-11 Florida 15 Year Old Shoots Self
Suicide Prozac 1999-05-02 California 15 Year Old Shoots Self
Murder Paxil 2000-03-06 California 15 Year Old Stabs his Grandmother
Unlawful Possession of Gun Zoloft 2008-01-09 Tennessee 15 Year Old Student Brings Gun to School: Other Charges Expected
Arson & Vandalism Paxil 2002-04-13 Michigan 15-year-old Sets Fire & Vandalizes School
Mania & Violence Antidepressants 2008-09-20 Rhode Island 16 Year Old Becomes Worse on Antidepressant: Finally Diagnosed as Bipolar As They All Are
Road Rage Antidepressant 2004-11-09 Minnesota 16 Year Old Boy Causes $45,000 in Damages
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2004-03-17 Tennessee 16 Year Old Boy Kills Deputy Sheriff & Himself
Arson Paxil 2008-03-06 Texas 16 Year Old Burns Down High School
Suicide Zoloft 2004-12-31 U.S.A. 16 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Lexapro & Steroids 2004-07-21 Texas 16 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2009-02-25 Iowa 16 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2008-03-19 Australia 16 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Civil Trial Against Doctor Begins
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-05-28 Wisconsin 16 Year Old Girl Blind & Unable to Walk After Suicide Attempt While On A/D’s
Murder Paxil 2005-01-11 England 16 Year Old Girl Commits Murder: Kills Self in Prison
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-19 Virginia 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-27 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-05-25 Ireland 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide in 2006: Had Spent Time in Foster Care
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-16 California 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: RCC Scholarship Set Up
Death Antidepressant 2010-10-07 Ohio 16 Year Old Girl Dies After Taking Overdose of Antidepressant: Possible Suicide
Suicide by Cop Prozac 1996-11-21 Washington DC 16 Year Old Girl Forces Police to Shoot Her
Missing Teen: ‚Amber Alert‘ Med for Depression 2004-08-19 Indiana 16 Year Old Girl Found Safe & Sound
Suicide Zoloft 2004-02-21 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Hangs Herself
Suicide Antidepressant 2006-09-14 Utah 16 Year Old Girl Hangs Self: Lawsuit
Murder Prozac 2004-05-28 Arkansas 16 Year Old Girl Kills her Father
Suicide Zoloft 2003-03-03 New Jersey 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Prozac & Desipramine 2005-08-12 Washington 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Prozac & Adderall 2008-01-13 New York 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Effexor 2005-04-13 Florida 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Documentary On Meds for Kids
Anger Antidepressant 2009-11-30 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Says Antidepressant Causes her to be Uncontrollably Angry All the Time
Suicide Attempt & Self-Mutilation Paxil 2005-01-16 Texas 16 Year Old Girl Self Mutilates: Also Attempts Suicide
Suicide Lexapro 2008-01-05 Washington 16 Year Old Girl Shoots Self: Lawsuit
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2007-06-07 U.S.A. 16 Year Old Girl Writes the Word „Die“ on Wall Using Her Blood
Suicide Celexa* 2005-07-13 Canada 16 Year Old Girl: Coroner’s Inquest
Suicide Zoloft 2004-12-01 Kentucky 16 Year Old Girl: Permanent Injuries: Lawsuit
Suicide Celexa 2004-07-25 Florida 16 Year Old Hangs Himself
Inappropriate Behavior Antidepressants 2004-11-13 Texas 16 Year Old Improves When Taken Off All Meds For Depression & Other Psychotropics
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2000-05-31 Tennessee 16 Year Old In Private Detetion Facility Suffers Permanent Brain Damage in Suicide Attempt
Suicide Prozac 1999-06-15 South Carolina 16 Year Old Kills Himself: Lawsuit
Murder Paxil 2005-03-02 California 16 Year Old Kills his 17 Year Old Brother
Murder Antidepressants 2004-09-30 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Kills his Mother
Murder Med For Depression 2000-06-20 Louisiana 16 Year Old Kills his Neighbor
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2004-09-29 California 16 Year Old Kills Neighbor & Himself
Suicide Paxil & Accutane 2005-05-16 Nebraska 16 Year Old Kills Self
Suicide Zoloft 2001-07-22 Virginia 16 Year Old Kills Self on Zoloft
Suicide Straterra 2008-04-06 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Kills Self Unexpectedly After Starting Straterra for ADHD
Suicide [Lawsuit] Paxil 2008-09-06 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Kills Self: Judge Strikes Down Pre-Emption Ruling: Lawsuit Moves Forward
Murder Med For Depression 2007-09-05 Virginia 16 Year Old Kills Sister: Attacks Niece
Murder-Suicide Wellbutrin 2004-01-31 Iowa 16 Year Old Kills the Housesitter, His Counselor & Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 1997-06-22 North Carolina 16 Year Old On Antidepressants Kills Self 17 Days After Leaving Hospital
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-09-10 Australia 16 Year Old Overdoses: Had Heart Attack: Exhibited Bizarre Behavior while on Med
Suicide Paxil WITHDRAWAL* 2005-02-01 Canada 16 Year Old: Paxil Still in Body 2 Months After Discontinuing Drug
Murder Attempt Paxil 2002-07-05 Canada 16-year-old Attacks A Family
Arson Antidepressant 2005-06-29 Tennessee 17 Year Old Accepts Responsibility for Fire
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2005-12-17 Illinois 17 Year Old and Family Sue Lilly
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2005-01-12 New Hampshire 17 Year Old Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-06-14 New York 17 Year Old Attempts Suicide in Clinical Trial
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-01-23 Illinois 17 Year Old Brutally Attacks Woman With Hammer
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-09 China 17 Year Old College Coed Commits Suicide
Murder Zoloft 1997-03-16 Alabama 17 Year Old Commits Murder: Life Sentence
Suicide Antidepressant 2003-01-31 Oregon 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2000-07-30 Florida 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-20 New York 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft & Celexa 2003-02-27 Kansas 17 Year Old Commits Suicide on the Internet
Murder-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2009-06-26 Nebraska 17 Year Old Convicted Killer Sues Pfizer: Claims Zoloft Caused Him to Kill in 2002
Psychosis Antidepressants 2007-05-22 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Driven Crazy by Psych Meds
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1994-01-11 Texas 17 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Joins Group to Petition for Prozac Warning
Suicide Zoloft 2003-07-22 Pennsylvania 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-20 Ohio 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2002-05-22 California 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Was Suspect in Murder Case
Self-Mutilation & Rage Paxil & Zoloft 2002-12-15 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Girl Exhibits Bizzare Behavior on Meds
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-10-27 England 17 Year Old Girl Hangs Self
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-03-10 North Carolina 17 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-05 England 17 Year Old Girl Kills Herself
Suicide Lexapro 2004-11-01 Wisconsin 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-06-08 Arizona 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-03-31 Illinois 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self After Restarting Antidepressant
Murder Antidepressant 1996-05-11 Texas 17 Year Old Girl Murders Her Father
Running Away Prozac Withdrawal 2008-10-20 New Hampshire 17 Year Old Girl Runs Away From Home: 2n Time This Happened During a Recent Prozac Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Attempt Prozac 2007-03-18 Nevada 17 Year Old Girl Shoots Step-Mother
Suicide Wellbutrin 2006-06-14 Indiana 17 Year Old Goes Crazy and Dies
Suicide Zoloft Withdrawal 2010-05-28 New York 17 Year Old Hangs Herself
Suicide Lexapro 2003-04-16 New York 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-04-04 England 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-29 Illinois 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Car Crash Zoloft 2004-02-25 New York 17 Year Old Has Car Crash: Kills Teammate
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-11-02 Colorado 17 Year Old Inmate Has Antidepressants Constantly Switched: Hangs Self
Suicide Paxil 1999-04-01 Utah 17 Year Old Jumps From Freeway Bridge
Murder Wellbutrin Withdrawal 2005-02-16 Colorado 17 Year Old Kills Father: Had Plotted to Kill Parents
Suicide Antidepressants 2005-07-18 Wisconsin 17 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Prozac 2004-07-30 Utah 17 Year Old Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 2004-02-26 California 17 Year Old Kills Self in Youth Facility
Suicide Paxil 2010-06-28 Canada 17 Year Old Kills Self: Jury Recommends Changes in Prescribing For Ontario College of Physicians
Suicide Prozac 2008-03-30 New Zealand 17 Year Old Kills Self: Mother Marches For Awareness
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-05-11 New York 17 Year Old Kills Self: Vigil Held In Town
Suicide Effexor 2000-10-31 Arizona 17 Year Old Lies In Front Of Train on his 17th Birthday
Murder Prozac 1999-07-27 Michigan 17 Year Old Murders Driver of Van
Murder Med For Depression 2001-05-18 Florida 17 Year Old Murders her Baby
Murder Paxil* 2002-03-28 Texas 17 Year Old Murders His Friend
Murder Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2005-07-02 Washington 17 Year Old Murders School Tennis Coach
Robbery Lexapro 2007-09-23 Oregon 17 Year Old Robs Store with Unloaded Gun
Suicide Prozac 1997-01-03 Montana 17 Year Old Shoots Himself
Violence Zoloft 2010-03-26 North Carolina 17 Year Old Shot Dead by Police After Attacking Them With a Knife
Murder Med for Depression 2003-02-03 Colorado 17 Year Old Stabs 91 Year Old Former Mayor
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-15 Kansas 17 Year Old Star Athlete Hangs Himself
Suicidal Thoughts Prozac 2009-06-14 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Starts on Prozac: Then Has Suicidal Thoughts: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-03-20 Minnesota 17 Year Old Swim Star Hangs Himself
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-01-29 Illinois 17 Year Old Tries to Hang Self
Illegal Possession of a Gun Antidepressant 2009-08-06 New York 17 Year Old Who Attempted Suicide is Charged With Illegal Possession of a Gun
Missing Med For Depression 2008-06-04 Minnesota 17 Year Old’s Personality Changed on Med: Massive Search of Mississippi River
Murder Attempt Antid

Über igelin

Das Foto ist nicht die Wordpress Blog-Schreiberin, sondern ihr gefolterter, misshandelter, vergifteter, verleumdeter und mit 28 Jahren in der psychiatrischer Forensik Mühlhausen / Thüringen am 27.02.2011 ermordeter Sohn Holger Zierd. Ein hochintelligenter junger Mann auf der Suche nach seinem Selbst. Beruf: Forstwirt, Verantwortlich für die Inhalte dieser Blogs: Einträge werden geschrieben und/oder ausgewählt von Rosel Zierd, Mutter des in der Forensik Mühlhausen / Thüringen Gefolterten, bei der Zwangsmedikatierung Schulterknochen gesplittert, trotzdem weiter gespritzt bis zum Tod. Verhungert, abgemagert bis auf Haut und Knochen, vergiftet in jeder Körperzelle - am 27.2.2011 ermordeten Gefangenen und Patienten Holger Zierd. Das Ökumensiche Hainich Klinikum ist Eigentum der christlichen evangelischen und katholischen Kirche . Holger fand nirgends Gehör - die ärztlichen ökonomischen Gesichtspunkte sind wichtiger als Gesetze und Menschenrecht oder Menschenwürde. Ich habe meinen Sohn an seinem 29. Geburtstag beerdigt. In die Psychiatrie wurde er eingeliefert ohne einem Menschen Schaden angetan zu haben und ohne einem Menschen auch nur ein böses Wort gesagt zu haben. Verurteilt von Psychiatern seit er die Schwelle der Psychiatrischen Klinik überschritten hatte. Da die Staatsanwaltschaft Thüringens die Ermittlung sowohl wegen Körperverletzung als auch wegen Mord und Beihilfe zum Mord nicht durchführt weil die Täter zuvor eine psychiatrische Diagnose erfunden haben, schreibe ich hier im Internet die Anklage gegen die Täter und hoffe, dass ich anderen Menschen Informationen vermitteln kann, die wir erst in 6 Jahren suchen und finden mussten. Möge Gott uns helfen. Mit der Angabe meiner vollständigen Adresse erkläre ich mich voll verantwortlich für die von mir geschriebenen und veröffentlichten Erfahrungen und Meinungen - sowie Erkenntnisse und für die Auswahl der Links und kopierten Artikel. Rosel Zierd (Mutter von Holger Zierd) Sorghofstraße 10 36433 Bad Salzungen Telefon: 03695 - 66 54 17 Handy. 0176 - 64 19 02 72 Internet: Email: Ich hoffe, dass meine Einträge für die Täter und Nicht-Denker unbequem sind und sie mit der Veröffentlichung nicht einverstanden sind. Für den Fall, dass diese mir meinen Sohn lebendig und gesund und munter zurück geben, wie er vor der psychiatrischen Misshandlung gewesen ist, dann werde ich meine Meinung revidieren und meine Veröffentlichungen löschen.
Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Medien abgelegt und mit verschlagwortet. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.

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